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help W/ Remote Kill Switch Idea

I'm concerned about car theft and want to do something to prevent it in the first place.

My car has a ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that must be connected in order for my car to start. This ECU has a fuse (15amp) located under the hood. Without this fuse in the fuse slot..the car will not start. The engine lights come on and the engine will turn over but not start.

I want to connect/disconnect the ECU fuse in order to disable/able the car. I want to do this remotely while the car is in the full off position.

I'm interested in this remote toggle switch here:
Remote control 12v DC relay switch

This toggle switch then
connected to a small servo which is used to connect/disconnect the 15amp fuse. ( there is plenty of room inside the fusebox area clear of the other fuses)

I want the toggle switch connected to the servo will then lift the fuse in and out of the fuse slot...disableing and ableing the vehicle.

The only part I'm not sure about is how to teach the servo the range of motion im after. The range of motion should be about 1 inch.

how do I set-up the servo so that it knows where to start(Fuse in slot) and stop (fuse out of slot)

I'm headed over to a hobby shop today to talk to them about it...hopefully I can get an idea about this.

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