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The idea is that a competent car theif would be able to circumvent the remote engine start whatever means are known to him. My idea is meant to frustrate him enough that he gives up and walks away.

The idea behind remote kill is that it gives the thief no clue of why the car isn't starting since there is no visable clue.( ie; button, switch, etc)
A Kit is well known to the thief since he has experience before hand from the other kits he has bypassed. A kill switch mounted in the car can be found.

The servo is small enough to completely fit inside the fuse box located under the hood and I can also make a steel case to cover up the factory fuse box....the idea behind that is to make it more trouble for the thief than its worth...

I want everything to look bone stock, so when he is inside the vehicle looking at the wires in the steering column he is stumped and walks away to easier prey.

If I install a kit...he will notice it and bypass it to start my vehicle.

As far as hassle......this is ALOT less work than paying out of pocket to replace my stolen/striped/joy-ridden/totalled car.
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