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I have a lot of pictures, but this site won't let me upload them because the per pic size requirement is really, really low.

Only so much I can do with aero. I'm not willing to change the exterior look too much. I'm leaving the passenger side mirror off, so I got that going for me.

Weight is about the only thing I can reasonably reduce. Again, nothing that will change the classic looks. And the height. It will be low and slightly raked.

The engine/trans are in, the harness and ECM are being modified for me by a guy in Topeka, KS, brakes and suspension are all done.

I am using the Camaro throttle pedal, MAF/IAT sensor, I am going to run catalytic converters so staying with all 4 O2 sensors, external electric fuel pump feeding the engine driven high pressure pump (this engine is direct injected). Two electric fans (staggered on) will cool the engine. I am not running AC because the frame was in the way and I already had to rake out a big chunk to clear the oil pan.

I'll try to figure out how to take some low-res pics and post.

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