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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
It's doable, but 3 phase motors can boost on regen down to almost 0mph, so the half bridge boost out/buck in one inductor design pretty much covers all the bases. The capacitor version will be more complicated at a minimum, and has more opportunity for shoot through, and seems to have about 2x the current spikes on the battery in boost mode (uH=uF).

What problem are you trying to solve I guess is a fair question?

Worth noting that interleaving topology does a nice thing for inductors in that you can quasi-parallel them without the loss in uH (and smaller cores seem to be more readily available).
Never heard of a half bridge boost out/buck in setup where did you found that and how easy is to integrate with the system?

Not necessarily more complicated, the only issue I see is that top efficiency happens at twice Vin so its not as flexible. Also ripple current is totally dependent on the capacity and frequency. The interleaved approach works on capacitors too.

I'm just trying to solve the availability problem. I'm not having a go at anyone with which one is better. Inductor design is overall best, but hard to find and very susceptible to EMI which I have enough already, so I was just curious what are the requirements that make inductors so desirable
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