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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
my prius (i imagine most toyota hybrids) has a 25kw one of these between the battery and the inverter, pwm the bottom for boosting to the rail or pwm the top to buck from rail to battery.

feed rectified ac to a motor leg and you can have an onboard boost(pfc)/buck charger with this too, that can handle gobs of current.

re: requirements, well it is simpler than an equivalent capacitive converter, and costs a lot less in bulk. Though availability is a challenge, I'm about 20 emails and a chain of 8 people deep into it so far, for some 7kw cores. I think they are more accustomed to defense and aerospace customers
Thats interesting, just a book converter with the mosfet on the output side. You don't even need a motor to charge with that

What I don't understand is how they ensure that the voltage never gets too high if you start to regenerate suddenly or in the case the motor starts to regenerate due to a software error.

With a capacitor approach the current just flows the opposite path as the output voltage is larger than the input, so its pretty much fool proof.

How much are these inductors?
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