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Originally Posted by UltArc View Post
As a lurker, and with much respect, why don't you post builds?

For other lurkers* out there (again, with all due respect), why don't you guys post more on builds or technique or experience? Is it a technology issue, or lack of interest in chatting on it, or something else?

I am sure there are tons of people with so much experience, knowledge and data from would be a pleasure to have more exposure of your builds!

*lurkers doesn't seem appropriate. It makes me think of someone on a ladder outside of a sorority house...not how I see lurkers here! Lol
Wow, I appreciate the response. Lately I've been extremely busy being a newlywed, looking for a new job, and working on my software / database development skills. While I read all the time, I never feel like I could contribute anything of value because of my lack of direct knowledge with building modifications. However, with three Geo Metros, I've been moderately active on the Geo Metro forums and I check here for modding inspirations. I've been able to maintain 55 MPG with my 1992 Geo Metro with minimal mods. Perhaps if I get the motivation to post some pictures of my projects, I'll do it one day! I still appreciate all the different projects out there. It makes me feel like I can do it too.
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