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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
Ok, please don't get me wrong - I'm honestly trying to learn something from this question.

What is the advantage of changing the IC from a Microchip product to ST or Arduino?

Microchip has a full line of products, ones that exceed the requirements of this project, and they come with a full toolsuite and lots of application information regarding to a bunch of different things.

I understand the desire to get away from a Microsoft based system. The computer I'm using right now runs Ubuntu and my others are old Macs.

Thanks a bunch,

I'm just curious on the capabilities of the Arm architecture, no ideas to change design.

Microchip is nice if one needs a small chip, up to 40 pins.
From the moment something larger is needed there is limited availability on easy to use boards that are affordable and widelly available.

On ARM one could use the St Nucleo boards, the teensy, The Arduino Due or many cheap boards on ebay all in the 10 range
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