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I'm so happy

that I found your thread!

I have been reading it (woof, it's long, can't wait for the actual wesbite to be completed) and can only say... good on ya!

I recently decided to convert my old VW KG to a 48V-ish "demon" but may have stupidly purchased a weenie motor, oh well.

Very inspiring story and gives me a benchmark to shoot for.

So far I have...

"free" car... need to get title cleared up as I lost the paperwork and the old laundering services don't work in Nevada any longer
$200 motor. Unlabelled unit "rated" at 10hp with 48V @ 155A
That's it, although I'm about to ebay up a controller for about $150.

Getting the batteries for free makes me a bit jealous I'll have to see if anyone about here is similarly generous

Looks like your time to completion is better than most from the lurking I've done on other sites. The average home converter operating without a kit seems to be on the "nearly there" phase for pretty much years. I remain hopeful that I can do it in under six months and under $1500 usd.

My big issue is similar to one of yours... the drive on my motor is an itty-bitty splined shaft that did not come with the coupler yours did... drat! I'm looking at a $400 custom bit to even get mated to my tranny exclusive of the adaptor plate

Take care and look forward to further updates.


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