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Thanks folks. I drove 232 miles (100 mi with my cleaned fuel injectors) and my replaced thermostat. My mpg actually went down to 37.
I refueled today, topped of the tank while positioned on the board as shown. Hope i burped her gas tank okay. I will do this again next fill up to make sure i get it right.
I used and have been using 85 octane and was getting in the mid to upper 40's before we started doing maintenance!
In the meantime, i raised the front tire to 38 (the cheap Falken Sincera rated at 40 psi) and the rear to 35-36.
I am now wondering about what else might be wrong.
Tune up, new fuel filter, well functioning injectors...
Could the engine cleaners be kicking up crud causing some other issue?
I've been reading about PCV catch cans, o2 sensors, MAP sensors, sticking EGR, air filters, fuel pressure regulator...i am trying to learn be researching others threads before I reach out so I dont waste Too much if your time.
i am trying to communicate w my trusted mechanic who is new to the potential of the VX, but is willing to listen and learn.
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