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Thank you for those points.

First, I would like to say I have no affiliation with Microchip. I'm just familiar with them, their toolsuit, etc; both the standard and the DS pics.

My background is different; I'm not much of a programmer, although I can program in C and if my arm is twisted completely around.... assembly. Because I'm not much of a programmer, I keep things very simple. For example, I don't trust interrupts at all. Contrary to what Phack might think, KISS is high on my priority list.

Personally, I think Paul is on the right track with this. I have a LOT more confidence in the circuit design, board design and his programming than something pieced together out of generic E-bay pieces. To me there's a lot of difference between the workbench prototype and an reliable part that I would put in control of 60kW or 100kW and then get on board.

Thanks again for clarifying about the other microcontroller options,

- E*clipse
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