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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
...But it's a useful place for an airconditioning pump or a pump for the Coanda nozzles. Assuming you even need a ring gear.
I would have expected running anything from the ring gear would be rather noisy with its square cut teeth. Of course now that you have mentioned it, it does seem a handy spot. I was out in the garage looking at the crank angle sensor i removed during the de-icing of the EV. I noticed the starter motor and had a thought. Maybe i should mount the starter motor back in the vehicle. It could sit there forever doing nothing as it only engages with the ring gear when energised. Then i would have a backup motor in case of any major failure of the traction setup. Enough to get me off a busy road or back up the hill to my garage.
Of course it wouldn't be wired up to the ignition switch, that would be asking for trouble, but wired to a switch somewhere for emergency use.
I have several times had to resort to using the starter motor on a dead ICE vehicle to get it into a garage or onto a trailer. Without the burden of the non running ICE motor the starter motor would probably do a good job as a rescue motor. That it runs off of the 12V supply would mean it would still work even if say a fuse had blown in the HV traction supply.
I am only suggesting seconds of run time not minutes. The starter motor is very over volted at 12V and does not like running continuously. The magic smoke would escape if ran for too long with a large load.
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