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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
...I know, I know. But it's a useful place for an airconditioning pump or a pump for the Coanda nozzles. Assuming you even need a ring gear.
Originally Posted by cts_casemod View Post
...Regarding the noisy setup, its not that noisy, its AC and needs a reluctance sensor transducer to read the signal on the zero crossing point. The amplitude is not constant. Or replace that with a hall sensor, with built in logic...
Sorry i thought freebeard was talking about running an air-conditioner pump (A/C) from the ring gear. It was the mechanical noise of the meshing square cut gears that i thought would be noisy in such a set up.
As for electrical noise affecting the sensor reading the ring gear. In the ICE setup it would have had to be immune to quite a bit of electrical noise from the spark plugs, alternator, starter motor etc. So hopefully it should still work ok in a EV set up.
The best thing about a sensor on the ring gear is that many conversions would already have all the bits required. If the flywheel has been removed then maybe not but if the flywheel is still there then it is a low/no cost method if it works.
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