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I am going through the same exact issues. My VX cannot seem to pass smog.l and my tags are do by the end of the month with smog certification so any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Same as OP my car has a "lean misfire" according to the smog technician. It runs everything else fine except for the O2% @ the 25mph. Believe it is at 7.x% which in turn is causing my HC to shoot at 96 measured with a 76 or so maximum. Been trying it all:

-K&n air filter cleaned and recharged
-oil change
-ngk spark plugs
-distributor rotor only(rest of distributor looked carbon less)
-pcv valves cleaned. (1 by intake manifold and 1 by breather box)
-cleaned out egr and ports. Intake manifold. Iacv. Breather box. Throttle body. Injectors operated fine on the test. How fine. Don't know.
-seafoam through gas tank. (Out of the system now)
-new gaskets. Intake manifold. Throttle body. Egr.
-ignition timing was off. Mechanic adjusted with timing gun.

Other than that car seems fine. No jerking. Smooth in and out of lean burn. Gas is lasting now. Was averaging about 300 miles on a tank. Sad. Now it's looking better. Driving it to San francisco for New Years so that be a test. Just don't know why it's a lean misfire and not passing smog. Uncle suggested a cat converter replacement. I got the federal and the cat converter seems difficult to find.
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