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Still same issue

Unfortunately I was not able to get my VX to pass the smog. However, after buying new O2 sensor (LAF) from dealer ($500+++), swapping engine with one with 90k miles, replacing ECU (bought one from eBay), spark plugs, fuel filter, etc, etc, etc, I took the car to the dealer, in Sacramento for specific diagnostic on lean condition @25mph with O2 7.5%. I payed $120 for diagnostic waiting next day to find out what was wrong. Next day they called me and said that after 2-3 hours of testing, they couldn't figure out why the O2 is so high. I was told that they need more time for diag, etc, etc. Also they said that the CAT is bad, but is not available from Honda. I called the referee program for part not being available, and they sent me a part exemption letter. I was lucky to find two previous passing smogs certificates for my car, and with these in hand I went back to the dealer and I showed them that in the past the car had same lean condition and it passed smog. They called the Honda factory and said that there were no specs for the VX model and therefore they give me a new statement (free of charge) stating that this lean condition is normal for the VX platform, bad CAT, not available. I set up a referee appt and with the part exemption letter from BAR and with the diag/statement from dealer I was able to get my sticker for 2015. Praise God!! However, the referee warned me that in two years I will have to go through the same process. He was not really convinced about this "lean burn condition" as being ok.
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