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The film has held up to around 25 miles up through now, including a few miles at freeway speed. I notice a few very small wrinkles today, so it might be getting a bit loose at a spot or two. I'll try a bit more hot air to smooth it out.

Xringer: I actually had two layers when I first put it on, but the layers don't adhere to each other evenly, so you get a weird blotchy look. I'm thinking that it could be done with an even tougher film, like the mylar (?) used for model airplane construction.

MazdaMatt: If you want to try it, look up the grille removal discussion in some of the forums for Mazda-dedicated sites. I could dig up a URL if you can't find anything. The glossy/chrome strip along the top edge of the upper grille can be removed to help you wrap the film, but I think it's much better to do it after taking the upper grille off the car so you don't damage either part.

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