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Originally Posted by cts_casemod View Post
Why don't you guys use the flywheel and a reluctance sensor as an encoder? That would cut a significant portion of the costs.

The input capture peripheral and a free running timer can be used to measure the time between each pulse
@cts_casemod Out of curiosity what was that flywheel out of? The flywheel from my little four cylinder 1.2L looks about two thirds the thickness of the pictured flywheel.
I was considering removing the ring gear to reduce the weight as i thought it was quite heavy but looking at the pictured one i think mine would be light by comparison.

Then again, mine seems to have more diameter beyond the clutch friction surface. But then my clutch may be a smaller diameter.

I was talked out of removing the ring gear by a co-worker who builds and races cars. He said he had seen flywheels that had been lightened by removing some of the diameter basically grenading under high rpms. He said it depends on the material they are made of but best to leave them alone and just go for an after market lightened flywheel.

I think i will leave it as is, at least it will allow me the option of putting the starter motor back in.

Back on topic. Pauls AC controller with it's regen should allow me to recover some of the energy from the flywheels inertia.

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