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Love the instrument cluster, looks like it came out of an aircraft.

Originally Posted by cts_casemod View Post
That's the flywheel from a 1.4/1.6L VW Polo.
If memory serves me right it weights about 14KG itself and 18KG with the clutch and pressure plate installed. Add another 3KG to the crank adapter. The motor rotor weights about 25KG.
I don't know how much my motor rotor or shaft to flywheel adaptor weigh. But the flywheel itself is 7.4kg and with the clutch and pressure plate assembly it goes up to 11.2kg.
So the flywheel is lighter but the clutch and pressure plate weigh about the same as yours. So i don't think i will mess about lightening the flywheel.

Originally Posted by cts_casemod View Post
I removed the ring gear because of clearance issues with my adapter, when I changed from steel to aluminum. To be fair never had any sort of issues with the original one, but my motor is capped at 3800RPM.
How much lighter is an aluminium one?

Originally Posted by cts_casemod View Post
In practice you just need to drive it... like an ICE, except with much more low end torque and limited gear changes
Whoohoo.. i can't wait. Previously i drove a 5.7litre V8 to and from work, the EV is going to be like being allowed to drive a go-cart to work. Hopefully a very quick go-cart.

The very quick bit will be due to Paul's controller and the oversized motor. I have no idea how much punishment the little Barina's gearbox will take. Hopefully the clutch will slip before the gearbox goes bang.

I am trying to decide where to mount Paul's controller. I have two options. The first is above the motor. This would allow air flow from the front grille to blow over both the motor and the controller. Or i could mount it forward of the motor where it will get more of the air flow but then the motor will get less.
Which component is likely to need more cooling, the motor or the controller?

I am leaning towards putting the controller forward of the motor not for the air flow but because it will free up a bigger area in the engine bay if i ever need to add some cells in there.
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