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xB Commuter - '04 Scion xB
90 day: 40.76 mpg (US)
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Car mfgr: Scion
Car model/body style: xB
Year: 2004
Engine size (displacement/cyl): 1.5L 4cyl
Transmission type (auto/manual): manual

MPG info (averages only) 31mpg

MPG before hypermiling: 35mpg @70mpg
MPG currently achieved: 39mpg @65mpg


Location of primary driving (country/state): Bayarea, CA
Miles driven per year: 30,000 miles
List all tools/techniques used to achieve current MPG:
upper grill blocked
pumping tires @44psi,
using 5W30 motor oil

timing lights,
driving with 5th gear over 35mph (less than 2krpm),
drafting behind any size of truck if possible,
coasting with neutral (not much chance of doing that providing poor aerodynamic of xB and fast speed in bayarea freeway),
engine off @ long light,
no warm up (since driving very slow already),
running in racing line,
accelerate slowly,
light on pedal,
windows up above 40mph, A/C on only in freeway speed.
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