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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
You wanna see a hell of a lucky bmw on the autobahn (driver probably trained not to panic) when he hit a small deer at 140mph?

Warning, it's kinda gross:

BMW meets a deer on the Autobahn -

"It wasn't immediately clear where the dear went"
car doing 140 vs deer - car wins... driver reactions were what they should have been, so that was the extent of the damage. imagine if that had been an american driver with our typically pitiful training doing even as slow as 45mph... the animal might not have been the only casualty.

o yeah... if the deer had been larger, it likely would have rolled over the car at least in part, crushing the windshield and part of the roof... the car still would have been controllable though. modern automotive safety glass is made to be able to deform under that kind of stress where the forces are spread out over a fairly large area. hit it with a brick at that speed and the story would be different however.
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