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MPGuino with old diesel

Originally Posted by AndrzejM View Post
Hi, I'm using Canadian metric version but it's similar so I'll answer you with my best knowledge.

Timeout = time before MPGuino goes to sleep and it resets current trip counters
Injector delay = time that guino waits before it stop counting time of injector open state. (after current is turned off on the inj it stays open for a while and inj delay is that while)
Scratchpad = not used in v0.86 (as I remember)
VSS delay - time that guino waits before it can read another vss signal
Inj Trigger - If you're reading +12V or ground signal

Current is an average reading from the current trip, instant is a reading in the given moment.
Hello Adrzej! So much time, hope you are doing very well.

Well, I have my MPGuino and want to install it in my old Mercedes diesel. My plan is to use VSS it has and RPM signal, in replacement of injector signal. At least number of injection strokes will be right. Duration will be always the same, maybe, I am not sure.

Anyway, I will try it and will let you know what happen.

I have one very basic question for you and all the Forum: what is expected to happen the very first time I connect MPGuino?

From what I remember I read somewhere (but that I cannot find now), the computer will ask for some parameters or, I shouls enter some parameters.

However, I haven't seen anywhere how to input VSS constant or any other constant, at the very starting. I am clear where to get the signals, and I know there is a necessary callibration, but there should be a "first display".
Do you know where are the instructions of the device? Unfortunately, I forgot where I bought it (it is one of the earliest versions, only for british units).

Hope you or any other member of the Forum can help me with this.

Do you know if any other member tried to input VSS and RPM ?


Mercedes 300 D turbo 1993
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