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tire pressure

Originally Posted by atomicradish View Post

The tires are in my list of things to do. My the rear end of my car was out of alignment and was wearing thru tires rather quickly, so I have different tires on front and back. My front tires have a sidewall rating of 36 psi. One of the back tires has a rating of 44 psi, and another 55 psi. I have the front tires at 36 and the rear tires at 44, though I would like to buy a set of tires which I can fill up to 60 psi (i only get used tires though)

The 55 psi is a uniroyal. I have heard they are the best brand for longevity. Can anyone back this up? What is the best brand of tires to get for FE?
At 25 % overinflation,your tires would only net you a 1% improvement in mpg,something difficult to even measure at the pump.Your ride would be all shot to hell,and road shocks normally absorbed with the sidewall,would be transmitted into the cabin,making for noise and harshness.
I'd recommend you cold inflate your tires to whatever Mitsubishi specifies for the Galant.If you're going to run at continuous high speed (75-mph or over ),I believe your owner's manual will suggest an additional 3-psi can be added.Tire manufacturers recommend that you do not exceed the maximum pressure embossed on the sidewall.Your recommended pressures are set for braking-bias,and it is a safety,control, and stablity issue for the vehicle.When you shop for the new tires,you may be able to obtain rolling-force -coefficients to help you shop for the lowest LLR tires.Some LLR tires have half the tread- life of conventional steel all-season radials.You may want to do a life-cycle cost analysis before you buy.
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