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Thanks for the encouragement. You Have read the progression of events? Mpgs in the high forties, tune up, then high 30's, replaced dead thermostat etc? :-)
I have since pumped up my front tires to 48 and the back to 44. Discount Tire r&b and their advice on psi based on the winter weather and our wide temperature swings.
I like my mechanic, but actually I was thinking if I had help with diagnostics, and a shop manual maybe I could try some things. I found an original shop book on eBay for $109. I'd rather spend that $ on parts or tools, but wouldnt it be good to have?
I don't have many tools, any experience repair. Patience is not usually my strong suit.
BUT I do have the motivation to learn the specifics for this special vehicle. I want my mileage back. Maybe there are settings that are off due to the maintenance done so far?
I did get one 47 after the tune up.
Sorry for all the words. Thanks for any thoughts. Michelle
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