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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Your fuel log shows an encouraging trendline -- up to date?
Oh sure, make me feel guilty on Christmas Eve. Not up to date. It leveled out at a steady 21-ish MPG. Tonneau did not make a noticeable difference but it could have been that they were starting with the winter gasoline in my area. I'm averaging 19-ish these days. There is a thread on one of the Tacoma forums saying that pulling the intake hose that connects to the fender well (cold air source) can show gains, but I have not tried it yet.
Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
For the OP: I'm surprised you're only getting ~23 mpg out of your truck. From the picture, it looks like a 2WD, no? But I get around 26 from my '88 4WD, and that's including a lot of load hauling & driving up rough mountain dirt roads.
Is yours a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder? I have a friend with essentially the same truck as mine except manual transmission and 4 cylinder engine. He gets 27-ish. He knows all about hypermiling but claims not to do anything excessive in the truck. (We both run the tires at 40psi.)
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