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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Oops, guess my memory must be going. I was sure one of your first posts said you had a 4-cylinder. And of course I assume any truck is a manual :-)
I actually took the time to drive all of the engine/transmission combinations and permutations before making my purchase. I have a once-weekly long commute and wanted the vehicle to be comfortable enough for that; all of the 4 cylinders I drove were pretty noisy in the cab. In contrast the cabs of the sixes were amazingly quiet - especially after my Honda Fit! I also intend to tow, so the 6-pot was a pretty easy choice. Towing is also why I went with an automatic. Yes towing can be done with a manual, but an automatic is a more natural choice for the purpose. The end result is not the best for MPGs, and I miss my clutch pedal! But it fits my needs.
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