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big oil

Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
It fits in a standard parking space. I didn't experiment with different boattail lengths. I used the tailcone of a Questair Venture kitplane (a 350mph airplane nicknamed "the flying egg" for its short fuselage) as a pattern in designing my boattail and just sized a pattern for the Venture's tailcone to fit the back of my car. I have a small air inlet slit at the top of the nosepiece that feeds air to the radiator. The only time I have ever had any overheating problems was when driving 75+mph on a 95F day. No problems in normal driving, even when climbing up US25 into the NC mountains. One of the things on my list is to install a manually operated radiator door in the front of the nosepiece.

View of the front and the air inlet slot (at the front of the hood on the passenger's side).
Hi Mike,there's a rumor that big oil is beginning to turn their drilling rigs upside-down and drill upwards.They've discovered that there's more oil to drill from the sky than there is left underground.And they showed a picture of an aerial oil "pool",and it looked suspiciously like your HONDA.Maybe they're finally catching on.So keep that"gusher" under a close eye,so she don't go a missing!

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