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2000 Insight, 97 Civic hatchback, and 2002 Accord

Hello all! I've been lurking around here for quite a while and thought I would introduce myself and some of my accomplishments!

History of the cars:

Insight - Drove from Oklahoma to Dothan, Alabama to pick up this car 6 months ago. 55k miles on it at the time and in pretty nice shape for $6700

Civic - Bought this car for $300. Put $250 into fixing the front end damage caused by a deer during the previous owners commute to work. 173k miles on it, 5-speed CX model. Runs like a champ! Put vx wheels on it with 155/80/13 tires on them. Front air dam, fender skirts on the back.

Accord - Graduation present / hand-me-down from my mom for graduating college. 165k miles on it now. Driven it to California and Alabama this year with no problems.

Right now I commute 80 miles round trip everyday. 25 of those miles are city and the rest are highway.

Best results:

2000 Insight 5-speed: Best single day round trip: 91.6 mpg
Best tank average: 82.4 mpg

1997 Honda Civic 5-speed: Best single day round trip: 53.2 mpg (SGII)
Best tank average: 45.5 mpg (Calculated)

2002 Honda Accord 4cyl auto: Best single day round trip: 36.4 mpg (SGII)
Best tank average: 39.6 mpg (Calculated)

I'm always refining my skills and doing better on my commute. Only negative effect of hypermiling I've found so far is that my girlfriend doesn't like to ride in the Insight too much because I can't bring myself to drive inefficiently in it! Haha. The other cars I don't care about as much so I can drive the speed limit and not feel bad

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