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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
  1. Will the water cooling work with oil cooling as well?
  2. What controls the controller? CANBus? Bluetooth?
Paul - the controller is presently standalone now - right? 12V controller power and Throttle signal in, battery in and AC to the motor out.

I am planning to use transformer oil for cooling. It cools multi-megawatt transformers, can take much higher heat than the controller can, and does not need additives like glycol does to prevent corrosion on the radiator or the aluminum heat sink. VOLTESSO™

It is available used (drained) from electrical service companies. They may let you have as much as you would like for free, if you get to know one of the service techs. Perhaps you would have to pay a bit to get someone to drain it to your gerry can or oil jug. The oil is on the way to be recycled when they drain it.

It does not transfer heat as well as 50/50 glycol water. And you need to make sure that the oil will not dissolve the seals in your 'water pump'. But a leak will not cause disastrous shorting inside your engine bay, or near your battery pack.
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