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I would love to see something like cts_casemod's first-generation display.

I am a big fan of dedicated analog gauges. I like to glance at a gauge and know instantaneously what it means. I like to know exactly where that gauge is and don't have to spend even a microsecond translating "500A" from some digital number to position in the range of "ok" or "NOT OK"

IMHO, having to "touch screen" through a number of buttons that may exist on one screen, but not the next just to see a system status readout demands attention that should be on the road. This may be fine for non-critical measurements and some tuning, but important stuff should just be there.

I would love to see some device that could translate the CAN output of this controller to a PWM or variable frequency pulsed signal that could drive standard analog gauges.

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I don't know how they would set it up initially. That's probably how I would do it. You can get a chinese touchscreen for like $30. The carrier board and parts would probably be another $50. Man, I'm in the wrong business.
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