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Originally Posted by OG VX View Post
Alright! Welcome aboard and so glad you started a thread to detail your progress. Great start and super clean VX. Love the white. Please keep sharing. Hope the synchromesh works out well for you too. Have you done any intake IM, TB, egr, and FIV cleaning? Be sure to do that work as well, to maximize performance and economy. Also, have you done a compression test yet? That CAI has me worried about past treatment...
Thanks man! Your build has definitely been an inspiration to me and has given me some ideas for mine. Haven't done any internal cleaning of that sort yet, but it's on my list. I did do a compression test today, the first time by myself. On a dry test I got 170psi across the board except for cylinder #2 which read 130psi. Did a wet test after and got 180psi on #1, #3 and #4, and 150psi on #2. So I figured the rings might be wearing out on #2. I decided to test it again later on in the day but this time I had my wife in the car cranking the motor while I kept an eye on the gauge to see when it stops building pressure. Low and behold I got 180psi on all 4 cylinders. Not sure what the problem was the first time around but it seems to have corrected itself.

Pics to prove it.

The other project I worked on today was to clean up all of the little nicks and scratches around the car. Particularly on the rear bumper. I bought a color code matched dupli-color pen from auto zone and got to work.

Here's the rear bumper before.

And after. I think the smudge on the left is residue from a sticker so I'm going to try to get some goo gone to take it off.

Filled in some small chips on the front also but it's harder to tell in the pics.


That's about it for now. Gonna try to do some more work on it tomorrow.

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