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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
You need to already have a clutch switch or the injector kill won't work (well). IMA has to be disabled with the clutch switch or it'll keep trying to re-start.

When the clutch switch is off it won't try to re-start unless you shift into gear, making it a perfect P&G platform. Of course, when you need to charge up the IMA you have to turn the clutch switch back on. That's where I use my brake regen button, to force more juice back into the IMA battery since I rarely have the clutch switch on now. I also use my battery tender almost nightly now..
Do me a favor the next time you go out for a drive, try the following.

Push clutch in at 35mph.
Kill engine via injector kill.
Push your brake regen switch and hold it.
Release foot from clutch.

I am curious if the car will restart. If it doesn't, it would provide a much easier way then flipping a clutch switch every time you want assist/regen again.

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I was thinking of setting it up like this:

The blue need not be grounded, AFAIK, so long as activating the switch breaks power to the injectors.

Edit: I appreciate you figuring this out. It's an elegant solution.
Thats exactly how mine is set up. The ground is for the relay, not the injectors. However, it's still hot when you have the button pushed hence me having reservations about grounding it near the airbag.

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