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Originally Posted by cts_casemod View Post
P-hack, what happens if you keep the same inductance value for both cases?
re: is 600 amps needed, yes, because it behaves much like a transformer, to get 288vdc @ 300 amps out, you need ~144vdc @ 600 amps in, but I think we are talking more like three phase 208/230v motors, are there lots of those with 100hp capability waiting to be used that don't weigh 2000 lbs? You'd have to overboost a smaller motor probably, and that means even more volts (or a rewind). If you want to run it at dataplate though, it should need a lot less power, but throwing more current at an induction motor doesn't help AFAIK, it needs more volts, so how much current is needed is a good question, but it is basically a function of battery voltage and motor power.

I goofed though, and used 60 amps in that example, fixed:/

Anyway, to keep the inductor the same (40uh) at 20khz, you can reduce the ripple by 1/2 to %15, or you can reduce the current by 1/2 (300A).

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