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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Battery pack ------- inductor ---------- middle of 4th IGBT Half Bridge.

Top of 4th IGBT Half bridge is connected to the bus capacitor for the 3 phase inverter. Bottom of 4th IGBT is connected to ground.

Then you have the other 3 half bridges for the inverter. So, unless I'm misunderstanding something, the current through the inductor is the battery amps. So, for 144v, 60kw would require around 400amp through the inductor, unfortunately. But only 200amp for a 300v system (to boost to 600v 100amp).

So, you have 409vBattery * 70ampBattery = 29kW? What is your top speed?
Probably the same as a stock polo with a 33KW 1Liter petrol engine. How much do people with a 500Amp DC motor pull at the highway?

Max top speed I reached was 45MPH miles on a test run in 3rd gear at 2500RPM, final current was 40Amps. Speed limit was 40MPH. I never really took the car to a real motorway, the closest is like 15 miles from here.

Converter wise:

The battery will provide a total of 400Amps @ 150V = 60KW
200Amps go directly to the output, 200Amps feed the boost converter.

The boost converter will provide 150VDC @ 200Amps = 30KW

The output will be 200Amps @ 150V from the battery + 200Amps @ 150V from the boost converter = 60KW.

Double the voltage, double the power equations above, to 120KW.

This differs from a transformer approach, which might be causing some confusion. If one were to use a transformer rather than an inductor, 100% of the power would have to go trough the transformer, therefore the output of the battery would be 400Amps @ 150V = 60KW and the output of the transformer (1:2 Ratio) would be 300V @ 200A = 60KW.
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