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I Googled my name

And the results are:

Gasoline Fumes may have caused an explosion that destroyed a garage at a Gainesville home overnight, firefighters reported. - (Can't prove nothin'!)

Potentially hazardous Gasoline Fumes caused Killeen firefighters to evacuate at least four businesses Wednesday morning. - (I have potential, watch out!)

Gasoline Fumes may fuel road rage. - (Hypermiling can have that effect.)

How to get rid of Gasoline Fumes. - (But why?)

How do you remove Gasoline Fumes from a house? - (What did I do?)

Gasoline Fumes in the house [is] very unpleasant. - (I could say the same about you.)

Warnings about the dangers of using cellular phones in the presence of Gasoline Fumes began circulating on the Internet in 1999. - (It's just rude!)

Can a dog get sick after smelling Gasoline Fumes? - (They seem fine after sniffing me.)

Two men burned in flash fire caused by Gasoline Fumes. - (The third man got away.)

Gasoline Fumes [has] again plagued Rush Township residents, forcing some people from their homes during the past few days. - (I'm coming to your town next.)

Nobody would dream of sitting children down to expose them to Gasoline Fumes for two hours in an enclosed space. - (I don't want this either.)

Mississippi women say Gasoline Fumes harmed children. - (Only after two hours with them in an enclosed space.)

Some of the perils include ground-level ozone caused in part by Gasoline Fumes. - (I had help with this one.)

Gasoline Fumes sickened nine people inside a Burrillville dentist's office and sent two of them to the hospital. - (My bad, I just wanted my teeth cleaned.)


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