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Curious newcomer from Eastern ND.


I have been lurking this website a while unregistered. I have a pretty long daily commute (63 miles), and I'm looking at options to improve efficiency of my current vehicles, and also researching options for my next used vehicle purchase with efficiency in mind (likely Honda Civic, Geo Metro, or something else).

I currently drive a '97 Camry V6. It used to get only 22 to 24 mpg, and I met a Toyota mechanic who plugged my car in, and modified the fuel and transmission shifting settings in my system, and that boosted it to 25 city, 29 highway. The car now has 278,000 miles and driving 126 miles a day is going to quickly reduce its lifespan.

I'm a home DIY mechanic, CAD designer (AutoCAD, Draftsight, AutoCAD Mechanical, Pro/E PTC Creo 2.0) with ~8 years experience professionally, and working to become a subject matter expert on GD&T.

I'm looking forward to learning as much as I possibly can here, and hopefully be a contributing member wherever I can...

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