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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
Recalculating it is more like 168 strands of 26awg magnet wire for ~70A, 4awg equivilant, litz or twisted. Twisting copper wire is actually how you straighten it, so without the braiding it should actually be a bit narrower. unless you use a untwisted braid. Just hoping to avoid more sourcing headaches than necessary.
Thats possible. I did the calculations for AWG10 equivalent, which is the maximun diameter litz wire I've found so far. For larger diameters one has to use several paralleled turns.

The polish guys have a good price and they also sell cores, altough the product documentation for the cores is very basic. Just some pearmibility indications.

Now all this inductor stuff I was wondering if one could do boost with a passive PFC choque. I have this one rated for 15Amps RMS (25Amps peak)

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