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Originally Posted by jeff88 View Post
This kind of makes me want to incorporate a BSFC computer into the car which tracks RPM and torque and a little light(s) can change colors based on how close you are to optimal BSFC [say green for best BSFC (or in the "island"), yellow for second best, orange for OK, red for worst].
Like an LCD screen with the BSFC map on it with a real time marker or dot that shows you where you are on it and lines of constant power so you can see where you could be.

I suggested to you in the Guino thread that the most useful thing to do with the data you needed for that would not be to determine the ground slope. Know the acceleration of the car with its weight and you can calculate the power being used. Know also the fuel consumption, as per MPGuino, and you can calculate the BSFC.
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