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Originally Posted by jeff88 View Post
Hypothetical situation time... Lets assume somebody had an alternator disconnect that automatically connected and disconnected based on various parameters. Let's use the AutoSpeed BSFC graph as a reference.
Jeff, that's brilliant.

Also, it occurs to me that although a BSFC chart is at the foundation of the indicator lights you conceptualized a few messages ago, what we really need is an indicator for ASFC -- Acceleration Specific Fuel Consumption (new term?). The nut of the driving problem for us is how to get from one speed (zero or whatever you are moving at) to a higher speed with the least investment of consumed fuel. A logic board with inputs from an accelerometer and the OBD-II's gal/hour computation could feed an LCD screen could give the result of dividing those two instantaneous quantities. During acceleration we then use that instead of the %-Load or vacuum readout on an UltraGauge or ScanGauge. (At constant speed or coasting it doesn't matter, just during acceleration.) That would give a direct reading of what is really of interest to us.
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