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Hola. Please help me buy a car.

Hey guys.

I am not very mechanical at all.
I had a leased Nissan leaf which was good bc/ it was $250/month and electric cost for 12000 miles/yr was about $300.

My wife has a leased Altima. I have been driving it bc/ I go to work and back 65 or 70 miles round trip. We are over miles and have 14 months on the lease. I have to pay $325/month and let it sit or pay 20cents/mile.

This led me to this site. I am trying to find a car that is appropriate. I recently started in sales so I need something respectable looking. Id like to get over 50 mpg without putting a backwards cone on my car or anything comparable. Is that possible?

I wouldn't mind the kill switch, hi tire pressure, maybe fix the front grill, & potentially change the mirrors depending on the car. Maybe a few other modifications, but like I said unfortunately I can't disregard appearances entirely.

I have been reading the site a ton and looking around all over. It makes me sick to spend $4000 per year on car payments,+higher insurance rates, + the waste of gas mileage. I will never lease or buy a car that has considerable depreciation & bad gas mileage EVER again.

I've created an archaic spreadsheet that shows how much more financially beneficial it is for me to find a nice ecomodder car.

I have some assumptions in this spreadsheet that aren't obvious to everyone. Anyways, Ill post this spreadsheet later on & maybe it can be something that we all work on together to determine the differential in value.

I'm rambling. So, can you help me find a car? I have money to purchase a car, but I don't want to throw away money. My goal is to purchase a car that is a great value. Given that I'm not very mechanical what do you recommend.

Does anyone have a car to sell that is doing this for a hobby?

Thank you in advance everyone I really, really appreciate your knowledge and patience.

I live in St. Louis, MO. (I figured this might help for craigslist or something.)

Thank you.

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