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Originally Posted by dirtydave View Post
I'm not sure how your hard earned $$$ can be in the same hand as what others think! You really shouldn't give a FUKK about what others think! Don't forget Its not them paying the car note! Its bad for the health brother!

All you are doing is going from point A to point B. am I right?

$$$ > haters

I would buy the Mitsubishi Mirage myself.
I wish I could do that. However, the world is vain and customers don't want to purchase $100,000 of product from someone driving a 1990 yellow chevrolet cavalier you know what I mean?

I don't care what anyone thinks about me unless it's affecting my income and growth.

The mitsubishi Mirage is like 14,000. I don't want to spend over 6,000 bc/ I don't want to be experiencing the depreciation of a newer car.

I am basing my decision entirely on finances & my current situation at work. I am looking for a happy medium or where Marginal Cost = Marginal Benefit.

Thanks again for your help.
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