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Polymer - '89 Honda Civic Hatch Std 4 speed
90 day: 51.49 mpg (US)

Woodstock - '69 MG Midget 1275

Nekobus - '06 Scion xB
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Mine is ALL technique. I really haven't modified the car at all (well, anything that would change MPG anyway)

1989 Honda Civic Hatch Std 1.5L 16-valve fuel Injection
Manual 4-speed

Previous (~34mpg average)
Current (~53mpg average of 2 tanks)

I pretty much only drive to work and back, 14.4 miles one way, 5 days a week.
Miles/Year: about 7000

Hypermiling techniques:
Lots of EOC & some neutral coasting Generally 60-50, but I'll drop to 40 before a pulse if there's no one behind me.
Max speed 60mph
No A/C (doesn't have one)
No idling
Pull-through parking whenever possible
No real instrumentation (not even a tachometer!)
I can usually coast about 6 miles of my 14 mile trip every day.

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