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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
My brother settled for 25k on his big diesel truck and kept it for 7k (total 32k). It had salt water up to the bottom of the cab, but not a drop inside and it had no damage or fluid contamination.

He later sold the truck for close to 27k.

Been buying at salvage auctions for 42 years, first was a 66 Chevy G10 van. Paid $400, junk yard played games with paying for the title while holding my money, bought it from the ins company for $200 and got my $400 back.

Ok. I'm definitely going to go to a salvage auction if I can hold out. Right now I'm paying something like 20 cents per mile and im driving the very minimum 70 miles a day.

Is there a trick to these salvage auctions? a best time to go?
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