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Brett don't buy a car from a salvage auction. In most states you have to go get it inspected as a salvaged car and who knows what they find. The frame could be bent and they may fail you and your left with a piece of scrap that can never be put on the road.

Makes no sense to me. Your paying 35$ a day right now to drive the altima and another $6-10 in gas. If you work close to 20 days a week plus other driving that's close to 1,000 a month.

Your big issue is not gas mileage or depreciation its that lease and the miles. If you drove a car with even 35mpg that you owned it would save you close to $800 a month. No car out there will depreciate at this rate. Getting any car quick is better than waiting UNLESS you just buy the car at the end of the lease and finance it.

That would be a much better option.
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