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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
Salvage auctions are like casinos, even for those with decades of experience repairing cars. You can get burned badly with no recourse.
You've got yourself in quite a pickle with 14 months left on a lease and 45 k miles in 22 months?
2k miles a month=$400, plus the lease $325, plus fuel, insurance and taxes. Sounds like a grand a month.
My advice would be to get the lease paid off and the Yaris financed, probably with a dedicated credit card ($10-12k total), assuming you're not in credit card trouble as well.
If you have the fortitude to really get yourself straightened out, pay the grand a month on the credit card and get out of short term debt.
I would negotiate turning the car in ASAP, or you just pay taxes and insurance plus other fees for a car you will not drive.

I don't expect this advice to be appreciated.

I have checked my options with the Altima. The best option is to let it sit.

I now need to find a car. My immediate thought is to get a junker for 2k or less and drive this while I try to find the car that will be my car for the next 2-8 yrs.

Here are a couple that I'm looking at .

$1500 is where I would like them to be with this car
Ford Focus 2003! Leaving the country!

I would pay 2084 and it makes me suspicious that they JUST recently got an inspection before they are selling it. Also, a picture of the plastidipped tire is interesting.
accord lx 2005 Low miles Fully loaded

Yes, this is 6 cylinder, but it's decent and I can maybe get them down to sub $1400 range.

Maybe this civic 2001, but I thought I remember 2001 being a troublesome year for the civic. Also, the words seem about salesy.
2001 Honda Civic Ex

I can try to jab this 98 corolla for $1200. They might reject, but it wont hurt anything.
98 Corolla with inspections

Maybe this POS in the country with triple sticker on the car door.
1996 Toyota Corolla

This car is like 10 minutes or less from me and doesnt have too many miles. I know it's salvage and maybe that will help me knock some money off the cost of the car. Maybe i buy it for $1350?
2002 toyota corolla

Anything I need to be looking out for when a car is 105,000?

2005 honda civic $1400, but no title in hand? Doesnt make sense to me.
2005 Honda civic

I was also looking at this which VW, but I'm scared of VW's apparently they need some super unique oil that you have to have imported and even the VW mechanics put the incorrect oil in the car. Also it's Turbo and I don't want that.
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