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Project: Nissan Leaf drivetrain into '02 Honda Insight

[ Admin edit: see xpedro01's past project, the AeroSprite -- aero & mechanically modified Austin Healey Sprite ]

My current project is a big one for me. I was the successful bidder on a wrecked 2013 Nissan Leaf and I am working on putting its e-integrated power train and the 400+ pounds of battery into the hull of an insight Honda-2002.

This will be about 1000 pounds lighter than the leaf and with the slightly better CD (.25 vs .29) should give over 125 miles of range. Top speed will be in the low 80's, because of rpm limits on the motor of 10k. On the leaf it is 90+ but this will be slightly smaller tires.

If I am successful, i will do posts on this.

The hull I am getting is in Washington and is now ready for the trip to Kansas. I expect the project to take at least all winter. Here is my plan for the leaf battery mounting:

Here are the batteries:

And here is the engine and front end stuff replacement.

It uses a 108 HP liquid cooled motor. Since there are over 150,000 of them now roving around the world with no big bugs, I feel fairly safe with this layout. It is also much cheaper since I have most problems, like 14 volt charger, 360 volt charger, 108 HP 3phase inverter, 3 phase air conditioner motor with separate inverter and is a heat pump (Hot and Cold), + a gear reduction and differential that can handle the torque of a 100+HP motor x7.8 reduction.

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