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Wow you stole my idea! As the owner of a 2015 leaf and an old mini cooper s I've already started playing around with maybe gutting the leaf near the end of it's life cycle and putting it in the mini. Of coarse that would not be a big aero benefit if any, think CD around 0.5 but with a tiny frontal area. It would be for low weight and performance, 1400-1600 lbs I'd guess, and I'd also drive the rear wheels!

I was also planning a similar layout to yours for the batteries, glad to see that the big pack is 36 in since the mini is only 48 in wide. I'd probably put the 2 8 module packs in the front and the 2 small packs under the seats.

I've also looked at the iMiev and smart. They have the advantage of already being rwd I may be able to just drop the subframe and weld it in instead of adopting something. There are many rwd conversions for the mini to use.

PS I've gone 143 miles on a single charge, at the end it was all babying it but for the first 90 miles it was just slow careful city driving. I bet you could break 200 if the battery is in ok shape.

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