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I love the idea of biogas. Yes, it need to be cleaned up and the nitrogen stripped out. But, it can be made into "grid quality" methane that can be introduced into the natural gas pipelines.

I visited a chicken farm in Mississippi a few year ago where they were taking the chicken litter (poop) and through anaerobic digestion, converting it into methane. The process ran at 140 degrees F from solar thermal collectors and a wood-fired boiler for cloudy days. They ran diesel generators using about 85% biogas and 15% diesel.

The solids after being digested had an 11-11-11 fertilizer value, much better than just putting chicken litter onto the soil (way too much Phosphorous). The chemist I was visiting with was looking into pelletizing the digested poop to sell it as a fertilizer. Back then, natural gas prices were sky high and the farmer stood a chance at making more money on the processed poop than the chickens who pooped it. And, made electricity!
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