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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
That wasn't humor. There is no *&$$%^^ Tesla at that yard!!!
It's just an auto parts database system that has all known production cars in it.

Call 'em up and ask for Tesla parts if you don't believe me.

G A A A A A !!!

Did you call them?????

They have a hyper linked Vin number that takes you to a parts section where they list every part color and condition. Says they recieved it on 9/14/14....

VIN Breakdown

What are you talking about? If you havn't called them please stop. Your not helping anyone out.

Go to their website search their inventory and see for yourself.........

Click that link go to new stock type in tesla and watch as a 2013 tesla p85 shows up on your screen and allows you to look at parts and specific notes to this tesla as listed.

You will also notice the "not available" that frank has SEIZED as proof for the ecomodder community is showed next to kilometers.

Next time I come across anything to do with EVs I know where NOT to post it.