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I've been following a few threads here and there, mostly the centurion build which is finally done! yay

I first stumbled upon this site when I couldn't make my first attempt at fuel economy work. That was a hydrogen generator for supplement.

Fast forward a few years and I now know that if I were to retry that I'd need to lean the gasoline slightly to see any gains, even if I could get it to work.

I'm not new the automotive repair, I spent five or so years in tire mounting, repair and basic pm.

If anyone feels I may be able to contribute to something they're working on, feel free to private message me.

Also, if you have something to add to anything I've posted on, feel free to constructively criticize. I can take jokes too, we all need a little fun in our lives.

On to the vehicles I own/drive.

I daily a 1988 crx si with a 2000 civic d16y8 engine and stock si trans. The car has been converted to obd1 and I have a seperate socketed ecu with realtime tuning capabilities and datalogging that I haven't been able to work out just yet.

I've had a few issues derived from crome freeware. I really need/want to upgrade to neptune/demon or hondata s300 but just don't have the cash at the moment.

I have an 89 crx si with a b18a1 and long geared trans which I believe runs as well if not better but gets better econ. The chassis unfortunately has seen better days.

Lastly I have a 1998 mercedes c230 which sadly cannot get any aeromods since it's my business car and has to remain presentable.

The mercedes is fortunately the one new enough for a scan gauge which will help me with the driving hypermileage aspect.

I would like to build an mpguino for the other two, but with the repair issues I've been having with both, it's hard enough to just keep them going.

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