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Welcome both to the world of thirsty barges and obviously it is a trend now, I blame the weather, or sunspots, or Thatcher, or something like that

Was the Rover 3500 an S ? There is a guy on our road who still runs a C15 for work (alongside a '14 plate M5 for fun).

We do the J5 M74 thing too when coming back from the civlised world to our colony in Embra, J5 then the A725 and the M8 - which is always full in the 'overtaking' lane and empty to the left

What do you think your thirst was on that trip ? 30 would be about 23 litres or roughly 4.5 Gallons ? I've had a best instrument MPG of 39 and a best tank to tank of 37, but I don't do 60

I'll have to drag Hermann over to the unit if you still have it - do you have a lift ?

I'm likely to be keeping him for various reasons (must update his thread) and would like to check for rot and perhaps apply some appropriate lotions and creams - aka POR and/or Waxoyl.
[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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