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I sure do like the simple and reliable design of the Farmall engines!

If only there was a way to incorporate them into a normal street legal vehicle with an efficient transmission!

In the meantime, I'm still pretty interested in designing and building my own reverse trike design though. I'll have to find out what might be the best engine / transmission combination to use for it... I'm a fan of Honda motorcycles, but something modern and fuel injected might be the most efficient option. I like the idea of a lightweight, efficient, fun, and all-weather motorcycle / trike designed and built by myself.

For a daily driver all year round, I'll probably go with a used Honda Insight if I can find one when my Camry finally does die, but it's now at 280,000 and still going strong with great compression in every cylinder and no other problems (aside from little interior issues, rust, and other old-car issues).

Does anybody have any suggestions on motorcycle recommendations?
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